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08 08 2017

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Covenant of Mayors East project carries out working meetings and workshops

24 05 2017

A two-day training seminar on "Adaptation of Community Structures and Emission Baseline Cadastre (SES), as well as Sustainable Energy...

Communities Association of Armenia responds to the community enlargement policy

16 05 2017

Administrative changes should be accompanied by decentralization of powers and financial means, community rights must be guaranteed

Public communication skills training

20 04 2017

On April 13-14 Union of Communities of Armenia organized a public communications skills training for PR specialists of communities in...

Focus Group Meeting

14 04 2017

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Congress concludes mission to assess local elections in Finland

11 04 2017

At a press conference held on 10 April in Helsinki, findings of the Congress' electoral visit in Finland were presented by Mrs Lelia Hunziker...

Young leaders from Eastern Ukraine engaged for change at local level

10 04 2017

28 young representatives from local authorities, civil society organisations and media gathered together in Dnipro for three days, to share...

Congress’ delegation to observe local elections in Finland

07 04 2017

 A delegation of the Congress is undertaking a visit to Finland from 5 to 10 April 2017, to observe the local elections scheduled for 9...

Focus Group Meeting with the members of “Non-Discrimination and Equality Coalition”

06 04 2017

In the framework of “Commitment to the Constructive Dialogue” project Union of Communities of Armenia held a focus group meeting...